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 Ez Miami Plumbing Frequently questions and Five Common Miami, Florida plumbing problems

If someone were to call EZ  Miami Plumbing  what kind of service can they expect?

They can expect the best service of any Miami, Florida plumbing contractors.  We stand behind our work and guarantee it. With Ez Miami Plumbing you will have peace of mind.

Typically how long before a plumber arrives at someone’s home or business?

It varies on the call, how urgent your plumbing problem  is and the availability of the plumber at the time.  It really depends on the customer, if they demand and need a plumber right away. Usually our plumbers arrive within the hour. If it is something at night that can be put off without the extra overtime, it can be scheduled for the next day. We can make it work according to your plumbing problem.

With respect to pricing and your plumbing repairs in Miami : how competitively priced are you in the different cities?

EZ Miami Plumbing is very competitive. We are the ONLY Miami, Florida Plumbing Contractor that does not charge by Hour. We’ve done pricing comparisons and research and our contractors are below the median for the areas covered. In many cases, we are on the low end! And we are the fastest Miami, Florida  Plumbing Services company to offer Free estimates.

Anything else that makes EZ  Miami Plumbing different from other Miami, Florida plumbing company?

Our Miami, Florida  plumbers are highly trained, they are honest and reliable. We always make sure that our customers are our number ONE  priority. Our plumbing installations and Miami, Florida Drain cleaning searvices are always  guaranteed!

    Five Common plumbing problems

1. Leaking taps
Too many people, a leaky tap or faucet is often something that can be ignored. Yet, left over time, this can lead to a high utility or water bill and may even result in greater damage to your plumbing or home.
Luckily, if noticed early, a leaky tap can often be fixed. Common solutions include replacing worn or inefficient washers. Even if the entire tap needs to be replaced then this can be completed with relative ease.

2. Clogged drains
Found commonly in the bathroom and kitchen, where plumbing is mostly found, drains are another area open to damage or wear and tear. A drain is designed to allow water through, keeping larger items out. However, when this gets blocked the water has nowhere to go, clogging up the sink, bath or shower basin as a result.
Depending on what’s causing the problem, there are various plumbing supplies that can fix the problem. A simple plunger might remove a blockage near the water surface via suction whilst cleaning the piping by unscrewing it from the fixture could remove any blockages found further along your plumbing.

3. Blocked toilets
Working in a similar function to a clogged drain, blocked toilets are also a common occurrence. Here it is more often a buildup of waste rather causing the problem.
Again, a simple plunger will do the trick. Failing this a sewer snake or other device can infiltrate around the U-bend. In more extreme cases, the pipes themselves might need addressing. The problem may also lie inside the toilet; perhaps a faulty ball-cock is leaking water rather than providing an adequate flush.

4. Faulty water heaters
Hot water is an important part of any house. As such, the boiler is of prime importance. Yet they can often break down, resulting in a loss of hot water in the house.
There are many reasons for this. Maybe there is a loose connection or a broken part is blocking the water flow? Most of these problems can be addressed with new heating supplies which are inexpensive and easy to manage.

5. Under-sink pipes
The kitchen sink might be the most commonly used area of plumbing in the home, so it makes sense that it’s a common area for problems. The pipes under the sink, often doubling as a kitchen storage area, can often play suspect to leaks.
Often, this is caused by the pipe being knocked out of place. Usually tightening the affected area will solve the problem. In the case of extreme damage or scrapes, where an actual hole in a piece of pipe is causing leakage, the pipe may need to be replaced.
Still having problems after trying these tips? NO PROBLEM! Give us a call TODAY here at EZ  Miami Plumbing and we’ll be sure to help you fix these issues!


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