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EZ Miami Plumbing Service Repair & Emergency

Serving Miami Dade & Parts of Broward County

We operate on a "Per Job" cost basis, meaning we charge you based on the estimate we provide, and NOT hourly.

With over a decade of experience, we offer quality and prompt services, with your best interest in mind.

Free Estimates Available

Offering a wide variety of services to fit your plumbing needs! 

Residential Plumbing Services Available

Our services are curated towards our customers needs regarding what plumbing issues their homes are experiencing. We show up and assess your needs. give you a free estimate, and prepare any materials and tools we're going to need to complete the job. 

Commercial Plumbing Services Available

Services span into locations such as office buildings, commercial and large scale building complexes, malls, schools, retail outlets and more. 

About Us 

EZ Miami Plumbing is a family owned business, where we have over a decade of experience working a wide array of different plumbing services all over Miami Dade County. Our knowledge in the plumbing field is one that we can communicate to our customers, so that you are informed of what is going on as well. Our small team works in favor of our customers, as we are personable, and look to provide you the best and easiest experience when it comes to servicing you. We pride ourselves on offering you the best value for your dollar, while making sure that the job is done quickly, with the best grade of quality that we can provide to you.